Sugar Cookies

Basic, but never boring, our sugar cookies have an invitation to almost any celebration. They can be cut to almost any shape and decorated with fondant. They can also be individually wrapped with matching ribbon bow at an additional cost.

Sugar cookies start from $48/dozen.

Minimum order of 12. 

Chocolate Coated Fruit

Simple yet delicious, is there a better combo than fruit dipped in chocolate? These seasonal pleasures are the quintessential indulgence and can be covered in plain chocolate, drizzled with chocolate and dipped in nuts, edible pearls and/or sprinkles. Fruits include figs, cherries and strawberries.

Our chocolate fruit start from $36/dozen.

Minimum order of 24 pieces. 

Individual Chocolates

Indulge in these pretty little couverture chocolates that can be left plain or filled with Nutella, peanut butter, jams, salted caramel, crushed Oreo's or crushed nuts. They come in two shapes - pyramid or gem- and can be finished with metallic accents including gold, silver and rose gold.

Our individual chocolates start from $24/dozen.

Minimum order of 15 pieces.